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Albert John, Principal

Albert John, serves as the founding principal of Warrior Commercial Lending. Having successfully managed his family’s private equity group since 2008, Albert embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and has the skills to manage complex projects with great attention to detail while working under tight deadlines. Armed with seasoned market knowledge, a wealth of tech and a vast industry network, Albert helps his clients achieve their goals. His relentless drive for innovation, creative loan solutions and complete client satisfaction empowers Albert to succeed in a constantly changing real estate environment. His expertise is in development and commercial real estate financing. True to his full-service ethic, he offers practical and creative ideas to maximize his client’s investments.

Family History

The Thayilpeedika Family goes back five generations and over one hundred and fifty years as real estate and land developers in Kerala, India.

Our family believed in building scalable business models in everything we did, allowing much faster growth than the competition. We designed and built some of the most innovative and creative private lending real estate investment platforms to borrow money from private lenders, family offices, and private equity groups to fund all our businesses and real estate projects. The key to our success was borrowing from private lenders instead of banks at much lower interest rates. While generating income, we always looked at current market trends.  In the late 90’s, my uncle found a niche market to place health care workers in the Middle East and India. Our family invested heavily in health care job placement agencies and became the largest healthcare job placement agency in the Middle East.

In 2008, we sold our healthcare business and I began managing our US family office. We rebranded the business, and I now serve as the founding principal of Warrior Commercial Lending. Our primary focus establishes larger warehouse lines of credit to be loaned back to our clients.

Working with several borrowers and intermediaries, it is our intent to close 1 to 3 transactions a month.

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