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Every deal will depend on the client, location, and the asset itself, but typically Warrior Commercial Lending terms are:


We lend nationally and can look at International projects on a case by case basis.

Loan Amount:

$20M to $500M

Typical Funding:

45 to 90 days


Interest Rate:


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5, 10, 15, 25, 30-year fixed rates available.

[5 years interest only most common for Construction Loans]

[25, 30, 40 year most common for Commercial Financing]

Construction to permanent financing available.

Origination Fees:

3% to be paid at closing and can be rolled into the loan amount


Due diligence fees as required.



Joint Venture:

Depending on the project there are some cases where we take an equity position in the project.


Warrior Commercial Lending underwrites loans internally potentially providing 100% of costs, primarily based on the strength of the project, not the credit worthiness of the borrower, however, we do require proof of 10% available cash. This is common practice for most deals, demonstrating the borrower has access to funds if they should be needed.  Warrior Commercial Lending is flexible with where the customer’s percentage originates from and will accept the borrower’s own money, other friends and families’ monies, hard-money, PACE, TIFF, EB5, etc.


The funds do not need to be seasoned, nor do the funds have to be used for closing the deal – The funds simply need to be shown. This allows maximum flexibility to help our customers, both for those with available cash and those without. We develop a strategic repayment plan with many benefits including low rates, deferred or reserved payments, quick release schedules, and more. With that in mind, we require a lender’s escrow with Warrior Commercial Lending, LLC., utilizing the major nationally recognized US Banks. Warrior Commercial Lending escrows 10% of total amount a borrower seeks in order to begin the loan process. All clients will receive a Commitment Letter with vital information necessary to move forward. Escrowed funds are returned at closing thus completing 100% project funding.

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